Managing team administrators

  1. Login to your bMaps account 
  2. From the home screen select bMaps Teams
  3. Use the team selector to select the team you’d like to manage 
  4. With a team selected you’ll be presented with several options. Click the ‘Manage Members’ button
  5. At the top of the ‘Manage Members’ screen you’ll see a ‘Current Members’ table listing all the active members of the team:
    • Upgrade a single team member to a team administrator
      1. Click the green up arrow button next the user you’d like to make an administrator
      2. Confirm the upgrade in the dialog that appears
    • Downgrade a single team administrator to a team member
      1. Click the yellow down arrow button next the administrator you’d like to downgrade
      2. Confirm the downgrade in the dialog that appears
    • Batch upgrading/downgrading administrators
      1.  Select the users you like to change by checking the checkbox to the left their name
      2. Click either of the green ‘Upgrade selected’ or yellow ‘Downgrade selected’ buttons that appears at the bottom of the table
      3. Confirm the action in the dialog that appears
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