The bMaps difference

bMaps is an interactive behavioral assessment tool, which you can take and view right on your mobile device.

Learn more about our trusted framework, take a sample test, get your results, and dive into our coaching advice.

What is it?

Learn about your behavior

You’ll gain insight about how you tend to approach conversations and where you might get stuck interacting with others.

  • Take a sample test to see bMaps in action
  • View your results on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop
  • Read more about our trusted framework

Why do it?

Knowledge is power

Understand your own behavior. Understand others. Gain actionable insights and begin to transform yourself right away.



An introduction, your first steps on the journey, free.



A year of unlimited reports, see your progression over time


Take a free sample test

Click here to take a free sample test and experience bMaps for yourself.

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