Knowledge is power

bMaps for individuals will give you the power of insight – about yourself, others, and how to have the most impact.

Understand yourself

Gain immediate, and actionable knowledge of how you tend to behave in a variety of contexts, including with your supervisor and your employees. 

You’ll have access to a powerful framework and the tools you need to understand your own tendencies.

Understand others

Learn a framework for understanding how to read the room, and see patterns across a variety of interactions.

Understand your team

Be a more effective member of a team. Run better team meetings. You’ll find our quick coaching tips helpful to both of these situations. And you’ll find the frameworks simple to explain to others.

Immediate impact

You’ll be able to instantly apply the framework to all of your interactions. You’ll see immediate changes in your ability to read the room and notice patterns of behaviour. You’ll also have actionable advice for how to manage your own typical approaches to maximize your effectiveness.



An introduction, your first steps on the journey, free.



A year of unlimited reports, see your progression over time


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