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“I have found the behavioral lens to be one of the most transformational ways to support leaders in their development. We are complex human beings and we tend to show up differently in different contexts. In my own leadership, understanding behaviors has allowed me to expand my range of behavior and to be more intentional. I also have a greater understanding of why I do what I do, what scenarios will raise the stakes for me, and where some of those behaviors originated. I have personally seen leadership teams change the culture of their organization by becoming more aware of their behavior – both individually and collectively – and how the words they use and the way in which they engage in conversation is directly correlated to the culture of the organization. The lens of behavior and conversation is such important work. The capability and capacity of leaders to be able to adapt and respond to anything that comes their way is determined by their ability to skillfully navigate low and high stakes.”
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Marsha AckerCEO of TeamCatapult, Executive Coach, and Author of The Art & Science of Facilitation
“Using the bMaps assessment has been an absolute eye opener! If you’re not familiar with behavioural assessments, then it’s worth sharing the basics. Looking at our ways of working behaviourally presents a very dynamic insight into why we do what we do, and how different contexts affect that. Through this we gain understanding and a level of insight, we then have choice. bMaps takes understanding Structural Dynamics to a new and personal level. By responding to a serious of questions, it gives insights into how behaviours show up in various environments including what happens when you’re in a place of comfort or perhaps under stress. And it provides some great coaching tips for me to do work for myself. I’ve used bMap for several months and recommended it to senior leaders, coaches and colleagues. They’ve all found it a hugely valuable resource that they keep going back to!”
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Executive CoachLead Organisational Development Practitioner
“Feedback that we’ve had from clients is that it just allows them to have conversations that they have never heard before. It’s applicable to every group of people that work together. It really helped me to think what skills I have in this world of people development and how can I pull them together … and diagnose what’s going on. I absolutely think that this steps up anybody in this field to a kind of a higher level of working and hopefully then having bigger and better impact on the people that we work with.”
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Megan PrestonSenior Consultant, Rise Beyond
“I use the structural dynamics framework almost on a weekly basis. The model and language are easy to use and accessible to my internal clients, so it becomes easy to take a look at what might be happening in the room, really assess where we are, why might we be stuck, and what might we do about it. Because my internal clients are trained in the language, when they bring a dilemma to me – when they believe that there’s a stuck-ness going on in the system – we step back and talk about it structurally. It’s part of my coaching – how I consult to and help leaders consult to their own systems about what they think is going on – so that we can change the conversation and get back to working together more effectively. Structural dynamics is such a powerful intervention. It’s helped me be an exponentially better practitioner and also a better person on planet Earth.
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Glenn SiglSenior Director of Organization and Talent Development, Fortune 500 Company
I have used many personal and team assessments over the years, while leading high-performance teams. From Personality tests to strengths analyses and team diagnostics. I have yet to come across an instrument which is so effective and grounded in reality. The bMaps profile is detailed, insightful and most important – actionable. When it comes to improving team effectiveness and collaboration, bMaps should be in every manager’s and facilitator’s toolbox.
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Or PerlmanResearch Fellow, MGH and Harvard Medical School

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