How bMaps works

Learn more about how simple it is to take the bMaps survey and get immediate access to your results.

The Process

Take the survey

You’ll need a mobile device or computer, and a few minutes of your time. It’s that easy.

Get immediate results

You’ll receive your results immediately. You’ll have access to a user-friendly, interactive mobile app that shows you how you tend to approach a variety of situations – regular everyday contexts and more stressful ones; interactions with bosses, employees and others, too.

Ready to use

Right away, you can apply the concepts to your work and interpersonal interactions. With our easy-to-understand model, you’ll be ready to get to work right away.

A trusted framework

Structural dynamics is a theory of communication which proposes that conversations can be understood by looking at their structure rather than their content

By using a structural lens, we can read patterns of interaction in a neutral, non-judgmental way, and intervene more effectively to change unproductive outcomes.

Reliability and validity

Reliability is about how consistent our results are, which is important for psychometric assessments like bMaps. You can find our reliability statistics here.

Validity means that we’re actually measuring what we say we’re trying to measure – which is also something that we care about at bMaps.

About your privacy

When it comes to your data, we follow PCI Guidelines—the same encryption and standards that credit card processors adhere to.

When you take an assessment, your data is anonymized.  You have complete control over your data

Take a free sample test

Click here to take a free sample test and experience bMaps for yourself.

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