About your privacy

At bMaps, we care about your data and your privacy.

Your data is in good hands

We set the bar higher than industry standard.

When it comes to your data, we follow PCI Guidelines—the same encryption and standards that credit card processors adhere to.

Every day we detect for intrusions and scan for vulnerabilities.

We don’t sell any personal information or data.

And we don’t share data.

Our research has your best interests in mind

When you take an assessment, your data is anonymized. As researchers, we don’t receive your name or contact information when we aggregate data to study.

Your name and contact information will never be published when we share our research. If you opt-in, we might contact you about future research, but we’ll always share our findings when you help us out by participating.

You have control over your data

Every piece of information you give us is protected, but we know that sometimes you want more control of it.

We promise that if you ever want to delete your information for our system, we’ll help you make it happen.

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