Renewing your Personal license

If, after logging into your account, you see a notice informing you that your license has expired you won’t be able to access any areas of the bMaps app until you have renewed your license

  1. From the home screen either:
    • Click the red ‘Renew Now’ button or,
    • Navigate to Account > License Details
  2. On the License Details screen you’ll see a section labeled ‘Renew your license’. 
    • To pay for your renewal via credit/debit card
      1. Click the ‘Pay by card’ button
      2. Fill out your billing information
      3. Click ‘Renew’
    • Renew via an access code
      1. Click the ‘Use an access code’ button
      2. Enter a valid access code in the relevant field
      3. Click ‘Renew’
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