bMaps Teams

Build the foundation for better teamwork with bMaps Teams.

Accelerate your team’s performance

bMaps Teams will give you powerful insights into your team’s patterns and dynamics. You’ll accelerate your team’s performance by increasing your appreciation and tolerance for difference. Your team will be able to simultaneously capitalise on strengths and manage weaknesses.


bMaps Teams licenses are available in different configurations to suit your specific requirements.

Each license has team count that governs how many individual teams you can create.

bMaps Teams licenses are valid in perpetuity provided the team owner has a valid bMaps Personal license. Please note all team members are also required to have an active bMaps Personal license.

Perfect for small teams


1 team



5 teams



10 teams


If you require more than 10 teams please contact us to discuss a bespoke license tailored to your requirements.

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