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Learn more about the team of structural dynamics experts who created the assessment.

Dr. Kathryn Stanley, Ph.D.

Dr. Kathryn Stanley, Ph.D. is the organizational psychologist who directed and designed the scientific research behind the bMap. Founder of Holonix, LLC Leadership Development consultancy. She works with leaders and their teams to help them navigate disruptive change. Her expertise in structural dynamics, psychological safety, and the neurobiology inform her work with leaders to help them transform themselves and their firms. Author, Professor, entrepreneur and Executive Coach to Fortune 50 leaders at Harvard Business School.

Dr. Sarah Hill, Ph.D.

Dr. Sarah Hill is a co-founder of bMaps, co-owner of Dialogix, Ltd and a thought leader and expert in structural dynamics, generative dialogue and childhood story coaching. She has pioneered and co-created the Dialogix methodology for behavioural change intervention, which is used in a diverse range of organisations globally. She is known for training and supervising leaders, practitioners and coaches in behavioural dynamic work. She is an internationally recognised expert on childhood story work with leaders and is the author of Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That? and Dare to … and a co-author of The Tao of Dialogue.

Tony Melville, MA

Tony Melville is a co-founder of bMaps and co-owner of Dialogix Ltd. As an internationally recognised expert in structural dynamics he coaches CEOs and C-Level leaders and their teams worldwide. His work helps senior leaders and their organisations identify and transform stuck patterns of behaviour especially when in high stakes and crisis. He draws on his own experiences as both a Hostage Negotiator and Chief of Police during which time he was appointed as the national leader for transformational change across the UK police service, leading organisational change and interacting at a strategic and policy level with Government Ministers, senior officials and corporate contractors.

Gillien Todd, M.Ed., J.D.

Gillien Todd is a co-founder of bMaps and an expert in structural dynamics. She is a Lecturer at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she has taught negotiation and difficult conversations for over 20 years. In addition, she consults to organisations on team development, enhancing collaboration, and improving communication, and works as an executive coach for senior leaders. She coaches C-suite leaders in Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Programme.

Charlie Kirby, BA

Charlie Kirby is a UK-based, plant-loving, rock-star app developer and web designer who you should hire on the spot.

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